Hello all
I feel honored to welcome you to BUTEX. As a newcomer, we know you might need assistance in your campus life and my team and I shall be more than happy to be with you.
Education in this university is rather more practical oriented and you might need some time to be accustomed with the course structure, assignment, sessional, class tests and final exams. All the activities here are designed only to make your future path smoother. So take it easy and enjoy.
We believe that you have enough potential to better serve your family, society, your country and more over to the humanity. To realize your potential and know how to use it, BUTEX has arranged all these facilities. Try to own your campus and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or difficulties you feel.

Try to believe that you have potential to become a prominent citizen  of the country and have the capability to better serve your society. Your country expects from you and you need to feel this responsibility. So explore everything what we have for you.

We hope your active participation will glorify this campus ever more.

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