Dr. Nargish Jahan Ara
Department of Chemistry
Email: head.chem@butex.edu.bd


To be a window of modern age through research, innovative works and establishing new dimension between textile and chemistry.


  • Impart quality education by updating and adopting outcome based curriculum.
  • Provide high quality education for the undergraduate and graduate program on textile chemistry.

Department of Chemistry

Among the four departments under the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the department of Chemistry is one of the promising departments’ of Textile University. Chemistry is the central science of innovation, information, technology and development. The department of chemistry acts as a base for all engineering department of BUTEX. It is a highly specialized branch in the areas of dyeing and finishing chemistry, fiber and polymer chemistry, and a newer area that intersects with materials science and effluent treatments of textile waste water. The research is on doing things better (quicker, cheaper) and with a lower adverse environmental impact than offered by conventional technology to improve textile handle, water repellency and laundering properties. Undergraduate and graduate laboratories of the department are soon going to be enriched under the project.
The department also focuses on providing masters degree on chemistry to create opportunity of higher education and research in growing need of textile, textile effluents and garments industry.


  • To ensure a dynamic and encouraging learning environment and research based educational class room and laboratory.
  • To acts as a base for all branches of science like textile engineering.
  • To strengthen the students providing quality teaching and make them capable to cope with leadership, teamwork, problem solving, career preparation, ethics.
  • To enhance collaboration between institutional knowledge and industrial knowledge.
  • To carry out collaborative projects that offer long term innovative works.