About the project

KiK Scholarship at BUTEX “KiK Makes the Difference”

What is KiK Makes the Difference?

KiK Makes the Difference – is a cooperation to promote higher education in Bangladesh. Within its engagement, the German Retailer KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH (KiK) cooperates with the Germany Development Agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The cooperation activities support the Government’s Strategic Plan for Higher Education in Bangladesh (SPHE) 2018-2030.

The project’s approach thereby is twofold: setting up a scholarship programme for higher education at two Universities in Bangladesh, Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) in Dhaka and Begum Rokeya University in Rangpur.

Considering the first approach, an MoU has been signed between KiK, BUTEX and GIZ on 19 May 2022. As per the MoU, BUTEX and GIZ agreed to cooperate to set up the scholarship program for the Dhaka area for students at BUTEX.


The objective of the cooperation with BUTEX are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Providing scholarships to students (especially female) from lowest income quantiles families
  2. Establishing a scholarship support office at BUTEX premise
  3. Supporting practical courses and/or placement of internships for the university students

Expected Results:

  • 12-13 national scholarships for students are awarded at BUTEX
  • Scholar Support office is established at BUTEX as point of contact interested students. The scholarship office also will organize events and supporting courses for scholarship holder during their studies


From 1st March 2023 until 31st December 2025 

Who can apply for the scholarship?

  • All BUTEX graduate students (economically disadvantaged) can apply but only for 47th and subsequent batches up to 36 months of scholarship/stipend will be considered
  • For other students, shot-term need based scholarships can be provided
  • Only student who passed the previous semester can apply

 It is notable that, applicants from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds, especially female students, are given priority for this scholarship.

Students of any academic record can apply as socio-economic criteria will be given priority in awarding this scholarship.

Students from UCEP Bangladesh can directly apply for the scholarship from the first year/ at the time of admission at university.

How many scholarships in BUTEX: Up to Four (04) per year

Duration of scholarships: up to 36 months for Bachelor or 18 months for Masters

Scope of scholarship:

  • monthly allowance/stipend
  • laptop and basic IT-equipment including
  • higher education and career planning related training and advice through scholarship support office
  • prospect of potential additional scholarship for a semester abroad
  • additional scope of short-term need-based scholarships (for students already studying)


Fill-out the online application from the link https://forms.gle/Rpx9xXoEpEwLnYKu6 and follow instruction there. Application form can be downloaded from below.

Required documents:

·         CV (in English or Bengali): Please attach a separate CV of the student either in Bangla or in English

·         Motivational letter (in English or Bengali): Motivation letter should outline why the student should receive this stipend. Student’s socio-economic background and previous life struggles, social, family responsibilities and activities will play a big role in deciding their eligibility for this scholarship. Along with good grades and academic achievements, we value applicants’ predisposition in taking responsibility for a family and the successful mastering of obstacles in their own lives and educational path. In addition to that, special successes at school and/or university, social engagement will be considered.

·         Certified copy of educational qualification certificate

•       SSC and HSC or equivalent

•       Result copies of different semesters of the university

·         Proof of income of parents (e.g., bank statements, payslip, income statement from chairman, union parishad, school/college principal etc.)

·         Letter of recommendations (e.g., from former teachers, Head of the Department, University Faculty etc.)

·         Copy of National ID Card/ Birth Registration Certificate

·         Copy of student ID card

·         Language certificates (if available)

·         Any other certificates that you feel appropriate (e.g., extra-curricular activity, community service etc.)

Important: After applying online, the printed application form and related documents (original copies where applicable) should be submitted at BUTEX-KiK office (Room: 309/311, BUTEX administrative building) within the deadline.


Who is funding the scholarship: The Germain Retailer KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH (KiK)

Selection criteria: applicants from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds, with social or family responsibility and especially female students, are given priority for this scholarship

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