Mashud-AhmadEducation builds a strong foundation for a nation, and technology based education is an essential for a country like ours. Textile engineering is a very prospective field of education in our country as textile, jute and Ready-Made Garments sector are the largest industrial sectors of our country and earns more than 80% of our export earnings. Textile, jute & RMG sectors are also most important sectors for creating employment opportunity and socio-economic development of our country.

Bangladesh University of Textiles started its journey on 22nd December 2010 upgrading of the College of Textile Technology with a view to create new opportunities for higher studies, research and development in this sector. I believe that, Bangladesh University of Textiles will play a very remarkable role to upgrade the textile education which will be compatible with the era of globalization. New curriculum of international standard has been developed. I hope our textile graduates will play a vital role in the development of our country through their research in jute, textile and garments industry and will also reduce the dependency of this sector on foreign expertise. All our efforts will be towards making the Bangladesh University of Textiles an ideal university with international recognition that it will meet the requirements of our future textile industry.

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