Dr. Mohammad Rafiqur Rashid
Head, Department of IPE
Email: head.ipe@butex.edu.bd

Department of Industrial and Production Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) under the faculty of Textile Engineering Management and Business Studies at Bangladesh University of Textiles. With a new concept in the branch of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh as well as in the world offering B.Sc. in Textile Engineering with specialization in Industrial and Production Engineering department started it’s journey in 2015.

Traditional Textile Engineering deals only Textile based courses. The vision of the department is to bring our existing Textile Engineering education to a globally demanding engineering education for all industrial and service sectors including Textiles and Ready-Made Garments (RMG). It is always a reality that either with only basic engineering knowledge or with only Management skill, the industry entities face difficulties to be successful in the business. But the curriculum of our department is balanced with Textile Engineering and Management Sciences which will surely help the graduates of the department to contribute in the industries to run in an effective way which is most demanding of this time.

Thanks to our impressive pool of talented multidisciplinary faculty members in the department for taking challenges and their continuous efforts to achieve the vision of our department. We invite you to learn more about our unique department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) in Textiles.


Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) is a globally recognized engineering fraternity  concerned with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, material and process. It is very necessary for any manufacturing industry and also service providing enterprise to implement this concept of engineering and principles of management science. Industrial engineers work to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, man-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value. IPE engineers figure out how to do things better, they engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. Industrial Engineers can run any industry by improving efficiency as well as effectiveness of operations.

Textile and Ready-made Garments (RMG) industry is the main manufacturing entity in Bangladesh. To make our Textile and RMG sector competitive in the global market, Graduates of Textile Engineering equipped with the tools of Industrial and Production Engineering can be of great value. Its uniqueness will help the graduates of the department to support the contemporary & succeeding needs of the Industries, especially in Textiles and Garments sectors of Bangladesh.


Recognition of Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) Team in every Textile Industries in Bangladesh.


  • Development of curriculum foe IPE department according to the industry requirement.
  • Continuous Linkage or Collaboration between Industry and the Department.
  • Skill Development of Faculty Member and Staff.
  • Modernized Lab Facilities to be established in the Department.
  • Collaborative Research Activities between Local and International Universities offering IPE degree.
  • Applying tools and techniques of IPE in the industry more effectively.


B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Industrial & Production)

  • Number of Seats: 40
  • Number of Semester: 08 (6 months each)
  • Total Credit: 166

For details and updates on admission procedure please visit this page.


  • Improving Productivity of our RMG and Textile Industry.
  • Proper Quality Management of our Industry.
  • Creating opportunity of Textile Engineers specialized on IPE in Textile Industry.
  • Development of existing process.
  • Innovation of new Products.
  • Energy conservation.