About the project

The Higher Education and Leadership Development for Sustainable Textiles in Bangladesh (HELD) project builds on the achievements of the 2017 to 2020 forerunner HEST project (German-Bangladesh Higher Education Network for Sustainable Textiles) where German and Bangladeshi universities cooperated in improvement of academic quality, fostering needs-based applied research and development as well as implementation of trainings on sustainability.

Following up on this, the main areas of the HELD project relate to implementation and standardization of curricula, for universities, colleges and diploma institutes.


The objective of the bilateral (HELD) project is to strengthen the application-oriented competencies of future specialists and managers in the textile industry in the field of sustainable management.

Areas of Cooperation

  • Inclusion of sustainability in UG programme
  • Introduction of MSc in Sustainability in Textile
  • Designing certificate course for research and other area
  • Workshop and Training for up to 150 faculties
  • Participation in conference, industrial and trade fair visit

Expected Results

Up to 800 students from BUTEX and Textile colleges will be taught on sustainability and other area

Project Duration

May 2022 to December 2023 with possible extension for 1 year


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BUTEX delegation visited Hof University of Applied Sciences in Germany on  6-7 June 2023


BUTEX delegation visited ITMA 2023 on 9-10 June 2023 


                                                                    Prof Dr. Ummul Khair Fatema,
                                                                    HELD-BUTEX Project