• Modernization and updating the existing curriculum by adopting outcome based curriculum.
  • Enhancing quality research work to develop diversified & value-added textile and Jute products.
  • Expanding the facilities to train faculty members and staffs for enhancing the quality of higher education, research, and management system.
  • Necessary Infrastructural and other facilities of BUTEX will be developed by next 5 years for the establishment of new faculties, departments, classroom, workshops, labs, and libraries.
  • To establish Student Service Centre to provide necessary services & counseling for the students.
  • Building anAcademia-Industry linkage to cater the needs and demands of Textile Industry.
  • Undertaking exchange & linkage program with similar institutions for the development of human resources, technology transfer, academic standard &practices.
  • Promoting quality education for the affiliated textile engineering colleges to improve their standard of education.
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