“Entrepreneurial Talk” held in BUTEX

Many of us intend to do something for ourselves and for our society. But this is only our

Many of us intend to do something for ourselves and for our society. But this is only our irresolution that hinders us from going forward. BUTEX Business Club, therefore arranged Huntsman presents Entrepreneurial Talk ‘17 to inspire students and to provide first-hand ideas of entrepreneurship, on October 17, 2017.

Some renowned entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of this generation & students of BUTEX came togetherin BUTEX auditorium to exchange ideas.Among them were- Saiful Islam khan (MD, essential clothing), Abdus Sobhan CIP (MD, Auko-Tex group) & Mahmudul Hasan Sohag (Chairman, Onnorokom Group).

Saiful Islam Khan delivered a highly informative speech based on his practical knowledge and experience.Abdus Sobhan, in his speech clarified that one may  perform a job for some years to acquire experience but must not continue for long.Cause once you’re accustomed to follow orders, it will be quite difficult for you to order someone later. So it’s better to start something in your early age.

While the previous two speakers spoke more about entrepreneurship, Mahmudul Hasan Sohag started in a different way.Instead of showing the right path, he emphasisedon confusing the youths.As he thinkseveryone is different, every situation is unique and no two companies are all the same.

“It’s not wrong to think that successful individuals may lead you to a better decision, but if somehow you fail, it will be a complete failure & you’ll never be able to overcome it.So whatever you have to do,take your own decisions yourselves. It matters little whether you win or not, you must learn from this and that certainly matters”, he clarified his opinion this way.

According to him, Creator has made us superior to others giving us a brain and it’s a crime not to utilize this.What brings him here? Money? Maybe not.”I started my entrepreneurial journey at 19 with an amount of 6k taka. And now I’m 36. By this 17 years, I’m successfully running 8 organizations and guess the number of my failed project?”The answer stunned the audience. It was more than 50!But what he believes, his project may fail, but he, himself didn’t fail ever. His mistakes were his experience.

He ended his speech with a message that was more about life rather than entrepreneurship. “You don’t have to change the world. Make a better change in yourself, in your mind set, in your philosophy. Be honest, wherever you are. Learn to forgive, as forgetting sometimes might be quite impossible. Only then you may find inner peace.”