The term “Textile” mainly indicates clothing or ready-made garments. However, nowadays textile is a wide field with the combination of fibers, yarns and fabrics. From the birth till the death each and every person need textiles. In very recent years these are used in various technical purposes in medical, automobile, agriculture, construction, protection, sports and so on.


Most importantly, now a days the sport fields are also build by textiles, for example turf is a textile material.

Traditionally, from fiber we get yarn and then after further processing we get grey fabric. To produce RMG we have to finish the fabric first. So for producing a RMG, there are several steps such as spinning (to produce yarn), Weaving, Knitting or Non-woven (to produce grey fabric), Dyeing, Printing and Finishing (to get finished fabric) and finally Apparel Manufacturing where we get RMG.