Seminar on ‘DPP- The colorful journey of an Industrial pigment from the Retort to the market’ held at BUTEX

Most often the definition of success is taken as a complex term. But there are some people who

Most often the definition of success is taken as a complex term. But there are some people who define success more aesthetically and make it possible by the virtue of their hardwork, humbleness and faith in the Almighty creator. Such a person is Dr. Abul Iqbal sir, a great Bangladeshi researcher who has an extensive experience in research of textile dyes and pigment with international companies in their research base. Over 100 patents and publications, worldwide recognition, invention of the new family of commercial pigments based on DPP make him a dream person to meet with. To get direct guidelines, inspiration and to interact with such a high profile person, Department of Dyes and Chemical Engineering (DCE) arranged a seminar on ‘DPP- The colourful journey of an Industrial pigment from the Retort to the market’. It was held on 9th January, 2018. This is their third successful seminar to improve the quality of the students.
The chief guest was honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. Engr. Mashud Ahmed, the keynote speaker was Dr. Abul Iqbal, Consultant with IQ consult GmbH, Switzerland and Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Zulhash Uddin, Dean Faculty of textile chemical engineering was the special guest of the seminar. Dr Mohd Forhad Hossain, Head of the Department of Dyes and Chemical Engineering presided and Dr. Abbas Uddin Shiyak, Assistant Professor moderated the seminar.
At first honourable Vice Chancellor, Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed gave his valuable speech. In that speech he instructed the students to gain multidimensional capacities. He also stated that he doesn’t want any orthodox textile engineer. That’s why the students must give priority to all the courses that they have in their academic studies and do extracurricular activities. Then he briefly gave an idea about Dr. Abul Iqbal’s life story, his 77 years of glorious journey, his family background (Sibling of Munir Chowdhury, Kabir Chowdhury, Ferdousi Mazumder) perspective of Switzerland and its secret to prosper in the whole world. According to him, though Switzerland is a little country of only 8.54 Million people, Swiss people’s greatest secret to the zenith of success is their ‘innovative minds’. He told us to manifest Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s dream of ‘Shonar Bangla’ by implementing their innovative ideas.
Then the keynote speaker Dr. Abul Iqbal advised everyone to be meek and humble so that we can reach the peak of success. He suggested us to always keep our minds open in order to absorb knowledge. According to him being pious is also a significant characteristic to succeed. In the seminar he narrated his whole journey from his childhood to the hall of fame. This narration contained all the adventurous paths and challenges he took to make his experiments successful.
As per his narration, he took challenges to overcome all the limitations. So he never stopped when the other people thought it was impossible. He developed an industrial way to produce a new family of pigments with his team mates. To make it a success he had to make 30 approaches, invest 10 million dollars and 4 years. Moreover he increased the production from 120 mg to 2 tons per batch.  This new family of commercial pigments based on diketo-pyrrolo-pyrroles (DPP) is currently finding use in electronic display devices, paints, plastics, conventional and digital printing inks industries across the globe. Most famously this pigment is used in now famous Ferrari.
According to him generation of idea needs:
-Scientific/technical competency
-Sound technical expertise
-Broad academic/professional background
-Individualist traits
-Enthusiasm, optimism
-Prepared mind
-Size, mix, tenure of research group
-Fresh, unprejudiced/ no NTH syndrome
-Hunger for success
The key points that helped him for the establishment of DPP Product feasibility are (MIT did a research on it):
-Trust in intuition/conviction
-Intelligent/constructive attitude to failure
-Effectiveness of small enthusiastic group of broad scientific and cultural backgrounds
-Research freedom/ provision of resources
Dr. Abul Iqbal instructed the professors and students to collaborate each other in a more regular basis.
After that Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Zulhash Uddin expressed his gratitude to Dr. Abul Iqbal for coming and giving direction to the students. He also thanked the persons behind this successful seminar. Then Honourable Vice Chancellor sir handed over a crest to Dr. Abul Iqbal.
Prof. Dr. Mohd. Forhad Hossain, Head, Department of Dyes and Chemical Engineering gave the ending speech. There he said that the speech of Dr. Abul Iqbal was ‘amazing and mind blowing’. By thanking Dr. Abul Iqbal, honourable Vice Chancellor and the students who attended, this successful seminar came to an end.
The seminar reflected the colourful journey of a scientist’s unfathomable wish to attain success even at the most daunting circumstances. This seminar is extremely helpful for the students to learn how to cope with failure and walk towards success to make a colourful journey.