Dr. Shaikh Md. Mominul Alam

Head, Department of TMDM
email: head.tmdm@butex.edu.bd

Department of Textile Machinery Design and Maintenance

Today the textile is the largest and most important industrial sector of Bangladesh, accounting for about 80% of our national exports. To meet the rising demand of textile graduate, specially expertise in the field of textile processing machinery, Bangladesh University of Textiles has launched the department of Textile Machinery Design and Maintenance under the Faculty of Science and Engineering from session 2015-16. This department is aimed at developing a focused graduate in the field of textile engineering having proficiency with the design, production process, controlling and maintenance of textile machinery. Our programs prepare the students to accept the emerging challenges in the textile industry with quality education.
The well-organized curriculum follows the modern, practical oriented and up to date education system which competes with that of the developed countries in the world. The courses are run by semester system and each year consists of two semesters. At present this department is offering four year undergraduate program entitled B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Textile Machinery Design & Maintenance).
The department has enriched laboratory and takes the facilities from yarn, weaving, knitting, apparel, dyeing, electrical, mechanical, computer and testing laboratory. We collaborate with reputed universities, textile industries, textile research institutes or organizations in home and abroad. Workshops, seminars and textile mill visits are organized to enrich the ken of students and faculty members with the latest technological advancements.


Textile and garments is the largest export oriented sector in Bangladesh. The development of economy of Bangladesh and growth of export are highly dependent on the ability of textile industry to compete internationally with finest products. Cutting edge machinery maintained by skillful engineers are the most important prerequisites for perfect products.
Our mission is to serve the textile industry and economy of Bangladesh on a long term basis by delivering excellent knowledge and highly skilled individuals. A clear conception on theoretical course content along with hands-on experience on machinery design and maintenance in our highest priority.
This department includes experienced and brilliant faculty members from diversified disciplines. Excellent educational background and years of experience in teaching, research and hands-on experience on respective sectors made them highly competent. Moreover, this department offers its students state of the art laboratory facility to learn and research.


Higher education and research for textile machinery.


  • Creating excellent faculty members.
  • Increasing research and lab facilities.
  • To enhance collaboration between academia and industry.
  • Increasing undergraduate students and, launching MSc and PhD program.
  • Integrating textile, electrical, mechanical and computer knowledge.


B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Machine Design & Maintenance)

  • Number of Seats: 40
  • Number of Semester: 08 (6 months each)
  • Total Credit: 165

For details and updates on admission procedure please visit this page.


  • To create skilled manpower for textile machinery design, manufacturing and maintenance.
  • To create leadership in textile machinery marketing.