Mrs. Shilpi Akter
Head, Dept. of Fabric Engineering

Department of Fabric Engineering

Fabric Engineering is one of the basic textile engineering branches with its large application in weaving, knitting and non-woven. The purpose of this department is to develop engineers who, in combination of their knowledge, skills and latest technologies, can face challenge of the market and ensure product quality to meet the demand of the time. As a mother institute of the textile education in Bangladesh, we feel proud to know the success story of the sector in terms of one of the largest RMG exporting country and alongside feel responsible for the stability of this success. Hence we maintain close relation with industries to know what they are going to face and try to mend the gap by updating our courses and thereby our graduates. The result is before you.
At present we are offering B. Sc. in Textile engineering and M. Sc. in Textile Engineering degrees. I welcome you to be one of us and on behalf of all the academicians; I wish all the success for your academic life and professional life as well.


Since the department of Fabric Engineering is responsible for developing fabric expert so that they can renovate, shape up and lead the sector with ensured sustainability, we are very careful about its course structure and relevant infrastructure. At present it is offering B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Fabric) and M. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Fabric).
The department at present owns a number of core laboratories. They are Weaving Preparatory Process Lab, Weaving Lab, Knitting Lab, Fabric Structure and Design Lab, Fabric Testing Lab and newly installed CCI lab. To keep pace with the coming market, it is going to set up full scale Non-wovens Lab soon. All the laboratories are well equipped and arranged in an order such that students gradually come up with the technologies and develop confidence so that they can exploit the technologies to bring out the best while they are in the professional life. Besides the in-house laboratory, we keep close contact with the industries and make frequent visits with students.


The Department of Fabric Engineering is visionary to contribute textile sector by research and knowledge development.


  • Providing updated curriculum that keeps pace with the latest textile technology.
  • Introducing innovative educational practices and multi-disciplinary research activities through the entity.
  • Provide visionary leadership and collaborative services to the university, country and global communities.
  • Provide knowledge based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and industry.
  • Emphasis on the development of communication, behavior, attitude and presentation skill of the graduates.
  • Engaging in worldwide co-operation with direct and close contacts among scientific institutions outside of the academic community, industries and cultural institutions.


B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Fabric)

  • Number of Seats: 80
  • Number of Semester: 08 (6 months each)
  • Total Credit: 166

For details and updates on admission procedure please visit this page.

M. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Fabric)


  • Providing high-impact experiences and learning opportunities that promote scholarly growth, artistic value and self-awareness, personal development, group work, and critical and creative thinking.
  • Providing advising, training, and tutoring services that empower students to be self-directed.
  • Optimal uses of university resources and capabilities.
  • Developing standards of assessment for student performance.
  • Contribution to cultural activities of the country.