Dear colleagues
surely you use web-mail and go to web interface to check you mails. It seems clumsy to use web interface. I am offering you to use Thunderbird in your personal PC. This is easy and you can manage several accounts from one client. If you are new to mail client, please follow the attached video.

Perhaps I can take the privilege to point out a few things.

  • If you don’t have web-mail please let me know through
  • Surely, we have limited hosting space. so at most we can allocate 250mb for your mails.
  • Please log in to your web-mail account at least once in a month and delete old mails. If your allocated quota (250mb) is full, you will not receive any further mail from outside. It means you may miss some of your important mails.
  • We are going to convert your sub-domain mail system to main domain mailing. that is, if your previous web-mail is like, it will be converted to please notify me when you are ready to migrate.