The University has a Proctorial system. The existing proctorial team consists of one Proctor and one assistant Proctor. The role of the Proctors is to ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the university specified by the BUTEX act and syndicate. The team also perform other duties required by the Vice-Chancellor regarding discipline of the students. Dr. Ummul Khair Fatema is the present Proctor of the university.   

Message from Proctor

Proctor is a position within university mainly to keep students aware and informed about various etiquettes, campus mannerism, discipline, policies, rules & regulation of the University. She is facilitator to make students professional and disciplined.
As a Proctor, I too wish to be a partner in your mission to be a true professional- technically as well as humanly. It’s the endeavor of BUTEX to scale you high and at the top in career. Faculty is making you academically sound; and I, as a proctor, to shape your attitudes, mannerism and to shape you as a law abiding citizen.
My Best wishes for your very comfortable, enjoyable, progressive and professional life in the campus. I am always with you and would be partner to be with you in your journey to be a true professional and a great citizen of beloved Bangladesh.

Proctorial Body

  • Proctor
    Prof. Dr. Md. Mashiur Rahman Khan

    Prof. Dr. Md. Mashiur Rahman Khan Proctor

    Dean, Faculty of Textile Fashion Design and Apparel Engineering
  • Assistant Proctor
    Salima Sultana Shimo

    Salima Sultana Shimo Assistant Proctor

    Head, Department of IPE
  • Assistant Proctor
    A.K.M. Ashiqur Rahman Mazumdar

    A.K.M. Ashiqur Rahman Mazumdar Assistant Proctor

    Hall Provost, G. M. A. G. Osmani Hall Assistant Professor Department of Fabric Engineering

Office of the Proctor

                                          Address: Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

                                          Phone: +88 0258151788

                                          Visiting hour: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Information Centre

Complain for Eve teasing and Sexual Harassment

The Proctor’s Office will refer any complaints of sexual harassment to the Complaint Committee, who will then investigate and make recommendations to the Disciplinary Committee.

Complaint Committee:

  • Chairman
    Dr. Nargis Jahan Ara

    Dr. Nargis Jahan Ara Chairman


    Faculty of Science & Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Textiles

    Cell: 01552404762

  • Member
    Dr. Hosne Ara Begum

    Dr. Hosne Ara Begum Member

    Head Dept. of Yarn Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Textiles

    Cell: 01714-412369

  • Member

    Representative Member

    National Commission of Human Rights

  • Member

    Representative Member

    Department of Women Affairs

    Ministry of Women & Children Affair, GOB

  • Member Secretary
    Dr. Ummul Khair Fatema

    Dr. Ummul Khair Fatema Member Secretary


    Bangladesh University of Textiles

    Cell: 01714-412369

Role of The Complaint Committee:

The role of the Complaint Committee is to investigate complaints of eve teasing, sexual harassment / assault on, or in some cases off, the university campus. More specifically;

  1. To receive complains of sexual harassment / assault.
  2. To perform an investigation based on supportive evidence and interviews.
  3. To recommend possible actions to the Disciplinary Committee.