Prof. Md. Abul Kashem
Head, Dept. of Apparel Engg

Department of Apparel Engineering

It is great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Apparel Engineering, a belt of omniscient knowledge and adeptness on industrial textile manufacturing.
RMG sector occupies the most portion of foreign currency earning sources in Bangladesh and the demand will never dent due to being the second basic human need. Apparel Engineering Department is the most important and leading one in the first ever public university on textiles in Bangladesh. It has a proud history of delivering top class industry relevant courses and offers you a variety of challenging yet rewarding career paths. From the very technical and innovation to the practical and pragmatic, this department offers a diverse and high quality learning experience in this specific area.


At present, we are offering B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Apparel) and M.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Apparel) degrees. Our courses are recognized for their depth, detail and quality within the sector and you can be assured of high quality teaching staffs and excellent facilities. We are firmly committed to give the students a solid foundation to build their career successfully.


B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Apparel)

  • Number of Seats: 80
  • Number of Semester: 08 (6 months each)
  • Total Credit: 164

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M. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Apparel)